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MS SQL Deep-search

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MSSQL Deepsearch, a MUST-HAVE tool for GP Dynamics developers

This utility program searches each column of the MS SQL database tables that you selected to find instances of a search word or phrase. Quite useful when you want to find out what actual table and column names hold a certain data constant. No more wondering which part of the database holds that text that you are looking for, of find out if ever it even exists.


Use Deep-search for tracing out what tables and columns are being touched by Dynamics when it inserts, edits, or deletes data. This is very useful when you are programming your own custom modules for Dynamics. Actually, not only for Dyanamics database but with any 3rd party applications that use MSSQL database.


It's very simple to use. Just specify the server name, database name, login and password of your MS SQL database. The program will automatically detect all tables for you, just select witch ones you want to include for searching and then enter data you want to search.


Deep-Search is the perfect companion for developing custom modules for GP-Dynamics. After using Deep-search, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it!

More in-depth info here


Usage example:

To search for the exact text "Top of the line", enter "top of the line". The program will find the rows of each column that has an exact
match for that text.

To search for the text that start with "Top", enter "top%". The program will find the rows of each column that starts with that text.
("Top of the line..", "Top products", etc. )

To search for the text that ends with "line", enter "%line". The program will find the rows of each column that ends with that text.
("Top of the line..", "product line", etc. )

To search for instances that contain a certain word, just place the wildcard "%" before and after your text. Example: "%top%"



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